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To make sure our customers get all the support needed we have co-operation all around the globe. We aim to close releation with our partners to make sure that endusers get what they need.
Arctic Security

Region: Finland, Singapore
Contact person: David Chartier
E-mail: contact @ arcticsecurity.com
Cell Phone: +358 20 743 0010

Our mission is to help you get organized in cyber defense through defense cells. We want to get both governmental and commercial cyber security centers and other cyber officials connected with companies and organizations to share the critical threat intelligence between each other. The more threat intelligence is spread inside a defense cell the more resilient the parties and eventually, the internet, become.

Connect Pacific

Mal Kelly

Region: Australia
Contact person: Mal Kelly
E-mail: mal.kelly @ connectpacific.com
Cell Phone: +61 413 208 744

Commencing operation in 2002, Connect Pacific was created by experts from a diverse background of telecommunications operators, telecom equipment and software vendors, software development start-ups and international IT and Telecoms standards development. We provide consultation on both business and technology, and offer business and sales development for innovative products solving both new and old IT problems. We pro-actively work with start-ups to assist them in their sales and marketing efforts and, sometimes, we become active investors.


Region: Finland
Contact person: Jyrki Jääskeläinen
E-mail: jyrki.jaaskelainen @ cybersec.fi
Cell Phone: +358 40 7427012

"Cybersec's mission is to provide solutions for customers to secure and support their business operations with the most advanced security technologies available."

Fist Sec

Region: China
Contact person: Uny Zhang 张威
E-mail: uny @ fistsec.com
Cell Phone: +86 13701883834

FistSec is a cyber security solution provider in China. Empowered with the cutting edge cyber security technologies from leading countries such as USA, Israel, Finland and etc, FistSec aims to provide the best turnkey security solutions and services to Chinese customers.

FistSec team is from world leading cyber security firms, with rich experience in this industry. FistSec has helped customers with lots of successful cases in a variety of industries, including Telecom, ICS/SCADA, Internet, Automotive and Education Government in China.


Region: Finland
Contact person: Jarno Lötjönen
E-mail: jarno.lotjonen@jamk.fi
Cell Phone: +35840 656 5240

JYVSECTEC - Jyväskylä Security Technology is the leading independent cyber security research, development, and training center in Finland.

JYVSECTEC works to provide a real value for our customers and to accelerate the technological development and preparedness against modern threats. The value is a result from our information and cyber security related services and R&D operations to public and private sector. Service catalog consists of cyber security exercises, personnel training, software testing, and management consulting as well as accreditation and certification functionalities. In the future we are expecting to strengthen our position by increasing our involment in European wide projects and global co-operations.


Region: Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
Contact person: Rick Nand
E-mail: sales @ netopt.com.au
Cell Phone: +61 7 3801 1661

Network Optimiser Solutions PTY LTD (NetOpt) is a leading provider of ICT Security, Medical and ICT Communications solutions.

NetOpt solutions are geared towards a large range of business industries; including oil & gas, mining, health and medical, accountancy and finance, legal, manufacturing, technology companies, local and state government, education, defence and not- for-profit organisations. NetOpt is a Systems Integrator and a niche value-add distributor with more than 2,000 resellers in Oceania Region with strong emphasis on high-quality; yet affordable Security, Medical and Communications Solutions.


Region: Finland
Contact person: Sami Petäjäsoja
E-mail: sami.petajasoja@sensorfleet.com
Cell Phone: +358 40 5030745

SensorFleet solution is an open sensor platform that can host detection-, protection- and scanning tools - called Instruments - from 3rd parties, whether commercial, open source or developed in-house. Solution reduces complexity in managing cyber security capabilities and readily available deployment platform improves response times for emerging threats.

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