SensorFu Beacon

Network Isolation

You rely on it. You may call it isolation, segregation, segmentation, partition or sandboxing. But do you know it works? Privacy, payment safety or your sanity may require it.

SensorFu Beacon

Always know if your network leaks. Designed for customers who require absolute network segregation.

Kasper broke out with ease. Data protection or payment safety down the toilet?

Mikko's Beacon will help him to seal his sandbox.

"Sometimes even the experts get it wrong! So how can we build and ensure the policies - and the technical enforcement of those written policies keep accidents and slip ups from occurring?"

Beacon Automates Your Policy Checks

Beacon Calls Home

Put them in your networks and they will alert if your networks leak. Beacons try to connect to their Home over IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS and Ethernet Broadcast. If they succeed, Home alerts you via Syslog or Slack.

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Cover All the Layers

Firewall rules, routing, switch VLANs, cabling - it is just impossible to review everything works right everywhere! With Beacon, the testing is straightforward.


Rather than finding 300 potential issues in one location, test one important security control in 300 locations.

"Failing the network segregation may have catastrophic consequences."

Easy to Deploy


Launch the virtual Beacons inside data centers and see if they can call their Home.

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Works with Raspberry Pi

Use the physical ones to test on premise locations. Leave them behind, move them around, have them all around.

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No Special Privileges

Beacons are like any other nodes in your network. They don't need any special access, so deploying them is a breeze.

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Update process is easy. You just swap the old Beacon with the new one. With the physical appliance you can just swap its SD-card.

Spawn and Spread

Beacon does not require complex configuration. Spawn unique images in our service and just run them.

Get Started

Enhancing your network security
has never been so easy.

What do you need

A network, an operational virtualization platform (KVM, VirtualBox or VMWare) and access to Slack or a syslog server for alerts.

What will you get

The Beacon virtual machine and VirtualBox Install instruction and one Home for your organization.


Basic subscription gives you one Home and unlimited beacons. Support and upgrades included. The subscription price for a basic deployment is 30 000€ per year.


Subscription includes customer support and free upgrades. Customer support available over email and Slack.

About SensorFu

Founded By

Mikko Kenttälä - CEO
Ossi Herrala - R&D lead
Sebastian Turpeinen - Productization lead

"We started SensorFu in order to go back to basics with IT security. We feel that security requirements pile up, while systems and security solutions get more complex by the day. Our products give our customers assurance that their security policies are and stay sealed."

Funded By

We are funded by Ääkköset Oy, Business Finland and Leverage from the EU.

"We love how SensorFu's sharp focus brings a glimpse of clarity to the security market. They have a solid idea which scales." -Kasper Kyllönen, partner @ Ääkköset